Corona Virus and Your Church

Welcome to our October Newsletter. With the continuing news of Covid 19 and the relaxing of restrictions on the 30th June your Council has decided to continue with online Services at least until October 2021, we  resumed services at Bagard Church on the 4th July 2021 observing  hygiene restrictions that are still in place, we are only able to alternate between Zoom and Bagard due to there being a French service every Sunday morning at Uzes.

We will advise you of any more relaxation of the French rules as they become available,  safety for all is still our prime concern.

We as your Council are always available to help or for just a chat. Our contact details are shown on the “”contact us” dropdown menu.

Newsletter October 2021

Welcome to St Michael’s October 2021 Newsletter.

 After a beautiful summer and the delight of sunflowers, we remember with heartfelt thanks all the medical staff and people who supported our lives and continue to do so during the pandemic. As autumn approaches it is now the period for the vendage where we see tractors and trailers loaded with the collections of grapes – one delight after another. Some people have grasped the opportunity for a holiday or a special reunion with friends and family in the UK, for many of us almost two years since we have visited. Not forgetting the joyful visits of family and friends here in France.

 Harvest Festival Communion Service

We will be delighted to see everyone at our Harvest Festival Service on 03 October at Bagard led by Keith Bretel. There will be an auction immediately afterwards which will be led by our very own auctioneer Jim Pearce. We would welcome all contributions of homemade or homegrown produce, the proceeds of which will be donated to local charities. This will be followed by a congregational lunch at Le Chêne Blanc – Logrian. Thank you to all of you who have sent us your meal choices.

Please remember that you will need your Pass Sanitaire to enter the restaurant and to attend the auction after the Service.

Proposed Programme of Services

 03 October 2021                 Harvest Festival Communion Service at Bagard    10.30

17 October 2021                 Zoom Service                                                 10.30

14 November 2021             Remembrance Service at Bagard                       10.30

  Please send any items for inclusion in the Newsletter to Pauline Cowell, Editor.