March Newsletter 2019

Thought for the month


As the Brexit issue continues to give rise to uncertainty, anxiety and conflict in Great Britain and beyond, the Church of England bishops have issued an unusual joint statement, urging prayer for UK politicians and for national unity.

The bishops wrote:

“In the light of [recent] turbulent events, the bishops of the Church of England pray for national unity – and courage, integrity and clarity for our politicians. We call on the country to consider the nature of our public conversation. It is time to bring grace and generosity back to our national life.

“At the heart of the Christian message is Jesus’ command to love our neighbour. This includes those with whom we agree and disagree – at home, in Europe, and further afield. We urge everyone – our political leaders and all of us – to bring magnanimity, respect and reconciliation to our national debate.

“There is now an urgent need for the United Kingdom to recover a shared vision and identity to help us find a way through the immediate challenges.

“Regardless of what happens next with Brexit, the Church of England, alongside many other churches and other agencies striving for the common good, will be at the heart of  local communities; educating one million children, providing 33,000 social action projects and running 16,000 churches across the country.

“Above all else, we will continue to support the most vulnerable and share Christ’s love with all … We have faith in Christ to show us all the way of hope.”

Provided by Roger Neal – Lay Worship Assistant