Newsletter July 2020

As we in France enter the third phase of deconfinement we, your Council continue to monitor the situation and have decided not to resume live services in Church until 6th September and we will continue to follow the guidance set out by Bishop Robert and Bishop David..

Thought for the month – Provided by Jacqui Witting – Congregational Worship Leader

As they gathered together on what was to become the day of Pentecost, the disciples
must have felt totally overwhelmed. They had experienced the agony of the crucifixion,
the joy of seeing the risen Christ and then the sadness of parting again when He
ascended into heaven. These were ordinary men from many different walks of life –
fishermen, tax collectors and the like. How could they face the world and all its problems?
Then the miracle of the Holy Spirit occurred. Suddenly they were able to speak in many
tongues and to have the confidence to preach the Gospel story. Some even travelled all over
the known world and the result was Christianity spread from its small beginnings to the world
wide faith it is today.

Of late, we have been faced with seemingly overwhelming problems – climate change,
Covid 19 epidemic, social unrest. We may feel we cannot do anything as individuals
about these situations but time and again we are proved wrong. Who would have
thought that a teenager with Aspergers syndrome could have spoken passionately to
crowds all over the world and galvanized governments into taking action to tackle
climate change – Greta Thunberg did. Who would have thought that a frail centenarian
could single handedly raise thousands of pounds for the NHS – Captain Tom did. The
tragic death of one man, George Floyd has made many people aware of racial inequality
in our society and, though we totally condemn the associated violence of these protests,
hopefully the depth of feeling will lead to big changes in the way we behave towards
those of different race.

As I was writing this article for the July newsletter, I realised that, at this time of year
we would normally see schools close and people go on holiday but this situation has
been totally turned upside down with the Covid-19 virus. Some of us have cancelled
planned holidays, others are afraid to take the risk of booking future trips. One of the
benefits of going on holiday is to have time to recharge our batteries and take stock. If
we can’t go on holiday, perhaps we can still use this time in a positive way to reflect on
our lives. We can look at the world around us and ask ourselves what we can do as
individuals to make a difference. We may not be able to make a great splash in the
world but, just by living our lives in a Christian manner, we may inspire others to follow
Christ’s example and to help bring about God’s kingdom on earth.
May you all stay safe and secure over the summer months and may we all come through
this time stronger than ever with God’s help.

Corona Virus

Corona Virus- Suspension of Services

St. Michaels Anglican Church in the Gard



Following the recent relaxation of the confinement regulations your PCC has decided that we postpone the resumption of live services until 6th September 2020.

Eddy has kindly provided a personal service every two weeks on line using a program called Zoom the next being  12th July 2020

If anybody would like more information regarding the above please contact a member of the church council

Finally, in these troubled times if any member is in need of help or assistance please contact a member of the PCC and we will try to assist you.

God’s Blessings to you all.

John Smith