November Newsletter 2020

Thought for the month Provided by Jim Pearce – Congregational Worship Leader

This is a difficult time to write about Remembrance when we are all suffering from lack of contact with our children and grandchildren.

In the meantime, speaking with Chris Lowe he reminded me of the unsung heroines of the last wars, the ladies who were left behind.

These were the wives who kept a family going when they did not know what was happening to their husband. Chris’s mother had no idea where her husband was, lost in the Burmese jungle for 3 months. She telephoned the Air Ministry so often that she qualified for a fidelity card. Mrs Lowe ran the local corner shop which was a social centre and gossip exchange for the area and provided a great service for those left behind.

In this age of 24-hour rolling news it is now much harder for service families. 
The awful news headline “Last night a British Soldier….” would cause dread in the married quarters in Germany or UK in the 1970s and 80s.  The families officer or Pardre’s car was never a welcome sight.

So when we remember the fallen and the serving soldiers, sailors and airmen/women let us also
remember the ladies left behind
who kept, and still keep, the family homes together.

I mentioned Nurse Edith Cavell in a previous newsletter.  The night before she was shot she told her Priest “Patriotism is not enough I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone” in keeping with our Lord’s command to love our enemy.

These are sentiments echoed by Gordon Wilson after the IRA bombing of the Enniskillen Remembrance Parade which injured him and killed his daughter.  He said he would pray for the killers every night.

They are truly following in Jesus’s footsteps, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.

Wishing you all a happier time in the future.

Corona Virus and Your Church

Welcome to our November Newsletter. With the continuing news of Covid-19 and the current lockdown in the whole of France, your Council has decided to continue with online Services at least until the new year. 

Our Remembrance Service will be on Zoom on Sunday 8th November, all are welcome. If you are not on our invitation list please contact the Church Warden who will email a link for you to join our services.

Further information with regard to future services will be posted after consultation with our CWL’s

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