Newsletter May 2020

Thought for the month – Provided by Jim Pearce – Congregational Worship Leader

Before I kick off with the thought for the month, I would like to give a personal big vote
of thanks to Eddy, which I am sure is echoed by all the congregation of Saint Michael’s,
for his hosting of two excellent services so far. He has also hosted apero meetings which
has brought us all together as a community in these difficult times and done much for
our collective morale. Well done Eddy, you are a gentleman and a star.
It seems an age since Easter Sunday but I was very impressed by Pope Francis’s homily
when he reflected on how the present crisis has united us in our common humanity as
brothers and sisters. It has made us all very aware that the carers in our society, often
underpaid and ignored, have been carrying out a fantastic job at great danger to

Pope Francis refers in his Easter
homily to the disciples being caught
off guard in a storm. Like the disciples
in the Gospel we have all been caught
off guard by an unexpected and
turbulent storm. We have now
realised that we are all in the same
boat and must row together.
We can look how our lives are
sustained by ordinary people who do
not appear in newspaper headlines or
Hello Magazine, but who without doubt are in these very days writing the decisive events
of our time. Doctors, nurses, cleaners, supermarket employees, delivery drivers,
ambulance staff, police, priests and many others. At our next service we will pray for
these unsung heroes and give thanks for what they have done for us and ask us all,
including politicians, to value these heroes.
Situations vacant from the Church Times in the 1960s. Old-fashioned Vicar
(Tractarian) seeks colleague; fine Church; good musical tradition. Parish residential and
farming. Good golf handicap an asset but not essential. Left-handed fast bowler
From David Beckham, not a bad footballer but not the sharpest knife…
“I definitely want Brooklyn christened but I am not certain into what religion”.
In the time of Zoom Church services, I think my proposals for a 9 hymn service for
Songs of Praise as originally designed by Brenda would be a little ambitious. A kitchen
karaoke with an egg whisk mike to the sounds of Queens Greatest Hits would work but I
am not sure it would fit in with Hymns Ancient and Modern. We will have a service with
music but along the lines of the excellent liturgy that Eddy has sourced for us.

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