Thought for the Month

Thought for the month

Provided by Roger Neal – Congregational Worship Leader.

Welcome to Spring!
Mild, sunny weather has finally arrived. I, for one, have just spent the last few days in
the potager (having very few other commitments!). I have dug over the beds, applied
“fumier” and strimmed the long grass before we look forward to the explosion of wild
flowers, and have generally cleared the debris of winter.
It appears that during the pandemic more of us have turned to gardening. It helps slow
the pace of life and improves our mental wellbeing. It reconnects us with the power of nature, showing us that life continues and renews, and that spring is lush with rebirth and new beginnings, and brings hope for the future. Thoughts turn to which seeds to 2 plant, and as the season progresses, how we will nourish and bring those seeds to fruition.
We can use the analogy of the seed to describe our personal journey in life. The seed needs the correct and healthy environment to grow. All seeds germinate at different rates and change happens in stages. We too move through ages and stages of faith development and we need time to slow down and reflect on how we conduct and direct our lives.
Like us, seeds contain both the past and the future. Seeds have a purpose greater than themselves – the whole purpose of the seed is to grow, bear fruit, and to produce more seed, to renew the cycle.
So it is with Easter – the most important feast in the Christian Church calendar. It is a period of preparation, anticipation and renewal. It follows the wilderness period of Lent and bursts forth in the fullness of life that God promises. In the words of Robert Orben, “Spring is God’s way of saying “One more time !!”” Wishing you all and your families a very happy Easter.