Thought for the Month

Thought for the month - October 2021

Thought for the month  Provided by Jacqui Witting – Congregational Worship Leader

As I write this Thought for the Month, the sun is shining but the previous day there was torrential rain.  In other words, the seasons are changing and there is plenty of evidence that Autumn is upon us.  The flowers in the garden may be fading but on the other hand I am enjoying the crops of figs and nuts from our trees.   The trees themselves are beginning to change from a deep green to the glorious reds and gold of Autumn.  Even the shops are changing – raspberries and strawberries give way to plums and colourful gourds.  The clothes stalls in the market display jackets and scarves, not shorts and sun hats. And there are changes on the road – if you get stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle, it is likely to be an agricultural tractor delivering grapes for the vendage rather than a camper van!

October is a time when Christian churches traditionally give thanks for the harvest. Though the past few months have been difficult we have still plenty of things to be thankful for, not least the variety and abundance of God’s creation.  However, we are also conscious of the fragility of the world in which we live – evidenced in the vanishing rain forests, the bleaching of the coral reefs and the increased instances of extreme weather conditions.

Creationtide or the Season of Creation is the period in the annual church calendar, from 1st September to 4th October, dedicated to God as Creator and Sustainer of all life.  The Church of England’s website reminds us that “As people of faith, our baptismal call compels us to till and keep God’s garden and participate in the renewal of the whole inhabited Earth, so that life may flourish and all may have a just and sustainable home.”

As Christians let us join the Psalmist in proclaiming the Earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it. (Psalm 24:1) and as we celebrate and give thanks for the fruits of the harvest, let us not lose sight of our obligations to preserve these gifts for future generations.