Corona Virus and Your Church

Welcome to our August Newsletter. With the continuing news of Covid 19 and the relaxing of restrictions on the 30th June your Council has decided to continue with online Services at least until September 2021, we  resumed services at Bagard Church on the 4th July 2021 observing  hygiene restrictions that are still in place, we are only able to alternate between Zoom and Bagard due to there being a French service every Sunday morning at Uzes.

We will advise you of any more relaxation of the French rules as they become available,  safety for all is still our prime concern.

We as your Council are always available to help or for just a chat. Our contact details are shown on the “”contact us” dropdown menu.

Newsletter August 2021

Welcome to St Michael’s August 2021 Newsletter.

 Proposed Programme of Services

 1   August 2021        In Person Service at Bagard Temple          10.30

15 August 2021        Zoom Service                                       10.30

1 September 2021    In Person Service at Bagard Temple          10.30

19 September 2021  Zoom Service                                       10.30

 Our in-person Service in Bagard Temple was joyful as we saw our congregation come through the doors after so long. Hymns were played although on this occasion we didn’t sing. However, at the council meeting following the Service we decided that at the next Service we shall be able to sing but keeping our masks on.

 Unfortunately, we must remain vigilant as the Delta variant that engulfed the UK is now spreading rapidly not only in France but across Europe and the world.

 We shall continue to enjoy our mix of Zoom and In-person Services and will keep you all up to date with services for the immediate future – long term planning is non existent in a crisis like this.

 We thank Eddy for his thought provoking Thought of the Month and are particularly thankful for Jacqui who co-ordinates our CWLs, Alan, Alison, Eddy, Jim and Roger.

 Some of us have families coming to visit and some of us have decided we can wait no longer to visit our families and are at the moment immersed in rules, quarantine requirements, tests and not to mention the emotion but know, of course, it will be worth it just to see smiles on faces and hopefully a hug.

  Please send any items for inclusion in the Newsletter to Pauline Cowell, Editor.

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