Church Council



 FRIDAY 15th JUNE 2018

 at the home of Jim and Gill Pearce. Thanks to them both for their hospitality.


Present: Eddy Hurst, Rob Franklin, Jim Pearce, John Smith, Phil Witting, Jacqui Witting, Clive Almond, Carole Fogg.


  1. Apologies for absence – Pauline Cowell.
  1. Minutes of previous meeting held on 23rd March 2018 were approved and signed.
  1. Next steps

          The AGM was held as planned and was well received.

          Proposed gifts to helpers at St. Theodorit have been given.

          The Fleur de Thym has been booked for our Harvest Festival.

          Electoral Roll numbers have been advised to diocesan office.

          Data Protection forms received are to be copied to Clive, Rob and Phil.


  1. Correspondence

       Data Protection forms received are to be covered separately.


  1. Appointment of Council roles

          Eddy Hurst was appointed as chairman, Jim Pearce as treasurer and Carole Fogg as secretary.

          We have our maximum of 6 council members, plus 2 church wardens plus Jim co- opted in as Synod representetive.


  1. Finance and debt report

          We currently have a surplus on our current account and monies on deposit.

          We have no debt.

          We are insured for Public Liability and the council is covered for legal representation.

          Receipts from planned giving are the same. There has been no major change since the AGM.

          Rental for each of our premises is 600E p.a.

          Keith Bretel will receive a fee for his expenses in covering the July service.

          Funds are to be built up should a priest be found to replace Stafford.

          Realistically, 40,000E p.a. would be needed to fund a priest.


  1. Auction review and distribution of funds

          Our thanks go to everyone who so generously donated gifts and to those who bid for them. The total receipts were 1700E.


          Distribution of the amount received was discussed. Small local charities were preferred, where a small sum of  money would make a greater impact.

          It was agreed to retain 500E from the auction and give 1200E to local charities.     Rob agreed to write to Pastor Jas for his suggestions.


  1. Review of AGM

          Our objectives were met, and our thanks go to Eddy for bringing clarity to the situation of a replacement priest.

          The 2019 AGM will take place at Uzes on Sunday 17th March 2019.

          The Archdeacon may be able to attend next year as it will be held before the deadline.

          Jacqui is to undertake the 6-year revision of the church directory by January 2019. Notices are to go up in both venues.

          Timing suggests it will not be possible to combine the preparation of this list with the completion of data protection forms, but John is to check with Diocesan office.


  1. Vacancy papers

          We are ready to submit these papers as prepared by Roger Neal.


  1. Future plans

          The Harvest service will be on 7th October. Clive French will lead the service  with Roger Neal as LWA.

          The Remembrance service will be on 11th November. Jim and Clive will organise.

          The Carol service will be on 15th December and will be led by Clive French. It  may be held at Uzes. Rob to check dates with Pastor Jas. To be discussed at our next meeting.

          Phil to prepare the readings for next year.


  1. Choir event

          The choir is booked for Friday 10th August. The charge will be 10E per head.

          Jim to organise flyers and programmes – Pauline Cowell may be available to help.Eddy to look at using the eventbrite website so booking and payment can be made online.

          The cost of the church and the choir will each be 350E. We are hoping to sell 300 tickets.


  1. General Data Protection Regulations. (GDPR)

          St. Michael’s website to show the meeting minutes and treasurers report.

          It was decided not to buy a copy of MS Office for the Lay Worship Assistants.



  1. Safeguarding

          John has received his certificate and passed it to Joanna Dejardin.

          Jim has been asked for proof of honourable discharge, which he will obtain.


  1. Pastoral Care.

       Pastoral care was discussed.


  1. AOB

          It was agreed to purchase 2 more boxes of hymn books. The opportunity to   sponsor a hymn book will be publicised.


  1. Next meeting

          The next meeting will be at 10:00 on Friday 14th September at the home of Rob and Mary Franklin. John will chair the meeting as Eddy will be away.


Next Steps





Distribute council meeting minutes


14th August 2018

Data Protection forms to Rob, Phil and Clive


20th June 2018

Write to Pastor Jas for advice on local charities


30th June 2018

Update on 6-year revision of Church Directory


14th September 2018

Church Directory notices to go up in both venues


End July 2018

Clarify timing of GDPR with Diocesan office


End July 2018

Submit vacancy papers


20th June 2018

Remembrance service


End August 2018

Carol service – Uzes?


End August 2018

Prepare the readings for next year.


End October 2018

Choir event flyers


20th June 2018

Choir event tickets – eventbrite?


20th June 2018

St. Michael’s website to show the meeting minutes and treasurers report.


End July 2018

Purchase 2 more boxes of hymn books


End July 2018