April Newsletter 2019

Thought for the month
A Season of Preparation and Reflection
The season of Lent is traditionally marked by self-examination, fasting and preparation
for Easter. It is a time when Christians reflect on the biblical account of Jesus in the wilderness.
Lent is a time for prayer and self-sacrifice. It is a season of spiritual preparation
in which we remember Christ’s temptation, suffering, and death.
Then as Holy Week approaches, this is the beginning of a journey which takes us to the
Upper Room for the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday, through Jesus’ betrayal, trial and
crucifixion on Good Friday.
This in turn leads us into Easter which is the single
most important festival in the Christian calendar.
Easter joyfully celebrates the resurrection of Jesus.
During Easter we travel to the very core of Christianity.
Easter bears witness to God’s enduring
promise of eternal life and redemption.
Let this Easter be a time of hope and assurance. It
is humanity’s turning point from destruction to
glory and salvation. We remember the resurrection
of Christ with a special Easter service which includes
prayers, liturgy, hymns and communion. Easter is a real experience of new life for
Christians, a passing from darkness to light which offers hope to us all.
Provided by Eddy Hurst – Lay Worship Assistant