Songs of Praise 6th May


“O Come, let us sing to the Lord”


Our May 6th service in Bagard will be our fourth annual Songs of Praise service where we invite YOU – the congregation – to choose a hymn and tell us the story behind your choice. This year we are looking for 10-12 hymns and stories. In addition, we hope to give you a breather during the service with music to listen to from other friends of the congregation.

This has always proven to be an uplifting service, but it depends totally on your participation. Have a hymn that evokes childhood memories? Or one that helped to celebrate a special occasion? It might even be one that reminds you of a total disaster! Whatever it is, we would like to hear it. Don’t leave it to the last minute – think of our organist who has to practise them all!!!

If you would like to participate, and we hope you will, please send an email, giving either the number of the hymn (if you know it) or the first line of the first verse to: No need to tell the story behind your choice at this point, and indeed, even if you would like to choose a hymn but not tell a story, you are welcome to do so.

Look forward to hearing from you!



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