Frequently Asked Question

This page is placed as an aid to dealing with those questions that we are often asked.

If there is something you are unsure about check here first.

If we haven’t dealt with the question or it is simply not there please contact us and we will endeavour to deal with it as soon a possible.

I am English. Can I get married in church in France?
All religious weddings in France require that a civil ceremony takes place beforehand.
Although it is possible to have that service in the Marie where either you or your parents are resident, it is often easier (especially if your French skills are limited) to get married in the UK first and then have your church service in France at a later date. The priest or minister will require proof of your marriage before he/she conducts a religious service.
Please click here for more information – Marriage and French Law

What do I do about burial of a friend who has recently died?
French burial laws are strict, as you might expect. Without delay the death should be registered with the local Marie. A doctors or hospital “death certificate” will have been issued and assuming everything is straightforward, if you wish an English language service please contact the Chaplain as soon as possible.
Please click here for more information – Arranging a funeral

Do I have to be confirmed to receive communion?
As a church that wants to offer a welcome to all Christians, we don’t wish to put barriers in the way of anyone, regardless of denomination. We have an open table but we do request that you are in sympathy with the churches teaching on communion and respect the rules regarding the proper use of the sacred elements.

What happens to the collection?
The collection, along with receipts from any fund raising events, are carefully dealt with by the treasurer who, with the Church Council, ensures that when the necessary expenses have been dealt with e.g. a contribution to the local church for the use of their building, any cost for printing and minimum office expenses, etc. The remainder is donated to the charities supported by our congregation. The Chaplain does not receive an salary so expenses are very small. All accounts are audited and available for inspection.

Can I leave the church money in my will?
All of the Churches support is funded by free will giving. Thus it relies entirely on the generosity of its members and other benefactors. We would be very grateful for any contribution you may wish to make and, if, when making your will out, you wish to include St Michaels Anglican Congregation in the Gard as one of your beneficiaries we would very much appreciate it. I know that the gift would be used wisely and appropriately. Some people do like to put in a recommended use for the legacy and that would always be honoured, as long as it is within the laws of the land. Details for bank direct payments can be supplied by the treasurer.

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