May Newsletter 2018

So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu!

The Songs of Praise service on May 6th will be my last official service as Reader at St. Michael’s.

Having been with the congregation since its very beginning in 2006 I will be sad to leave, but it is so gratifying to see how we have grown since then, and it is wonderful to know that there is a group of truly dedicated members carrying St. Michael’s forward.

Through St. Michael’s God has assured me of a comforting presence in the not so good times, and a reason to rejoice in all the great times we have had together.

I am looking forward to being closer to my family, and especially to my grandchildren, but you can’t live somewhere for 13 years then leave and never come back, so, like the proverbial bad penny, I expect to turn up every now and again. I am very grateful for all your kind offers of a bed!

With my thanks for all your support and friendship.

God bless!


Prayer requests

We ask for your prayers for our dear friend and member of St. Michael’s, Douglas (Coakely) who died on April 15th; his funeral was held on April 23rd. May he rest in peace and rise in glory. We ask also that you pray for Liz. May she be comforted in her grief.

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