Cancellation of Harvest Service and Lunch 7th October

The Harvest Festival lunch planned for the Fleur du Thym Restaurant for this day has been cancelled.

Instead, you are warmly invited to come to the Harvest Holy Communion Service in Uzes on Sunday 21st October.

October 2018 Newsletter

Thought for the month


I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful summer.


No doubt many of you will have spent time with children and grandchildren, and will have played games to entertain them. A game we sometimes play is to take a word and write down how many other words can be formed using the same letters.


Take the word “HARVEST”.

The letters can be rearranged, for example, to read “HAVE”.

We “have” much from God for which we are grateful including good food, clean water, farmers to cultivate land, insects to pollinate crops, rain and sun.


They can also be re-arranged to spell “STARVE”.

We must remember the people who do not have the things we do, and those who are malnourished and starving, or who lack fresh water to drink.


But they can spell out the word “SHARE”.

We share God’s earth with other people and other creatures. When we share what we have with those who starve, and care for those creatures and resources, that is what truly makes a good harvest.


Lord God, help us, we pray, to recognise the difference between satisfaction and smugness,

being content and being comfortable.

May our expressions of gratitude never deafen us to the cries of those in need.

And in celebrating your love, may we never forget that your love reaches others through us.  




Roger Neal

Lay Worship Assistant   


Harvest Holy Communion Service in Uzes – Produce

For our Harvest Holy Communion Service in Uzes we will be conducting the normal auction of produce to raise funds for Resto de Coeur.  We hope that as many as possible will support the local branch of this excellent and worthwhile Charity by :

Bringing produce along

Bring your purses/wallets/cheque books and put on your bidding boots.

Jim Pearce

Prayer requests

We continue to pray for all those who are sick, suffering or in need and especially for Chris Stow, David Paton.


Electoral Roll

We wish to keep the electoral roll as accurate as possible. Your name can be added to the Roll at any time during the year – should you wish to put your name forward, please contact Jacqui Witting, the Electoral Roll Officer, at


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