Supported Charity

Charity along with hospitality has long been a sign of Christian love and care for those within and beyond the community. We are always grateful for the many blessings bestowed on us and want to share in that abundance.

If you want to support the work of the Church in the Gard there are many ways of doing so. Not least, when making your will please consider leaving something for the work of St Michaels Anglican Congregation in the Gard.

Details for direct payments to the Bank for the church are available from our treasurer.
He will ensure that full discretion is maintained. The Treasurer

As with many Churches the congregation cannot always be present at every service. In order to make it possible for us to give as much to charity as possible we include here a form for you to download to enable us to plan for and efficiently support our church work. Standing Order Mandate.

The form requires Adobe PDF reader to view and print it.

You can download the free reader via this link reader_icon

We support many good causes, among which, within our region is:

Les Resto Du Coeur

Founded in 1985 by Coluche, Les Restos Du Coeur Association state-approved Under the official name of “les Restaurants du Coeur – les Relais du Coeur” aim is to assist and provide voluntary assistance to the needy, especially through access to free meals, and participation in action against their social and economic poverty in all its forms. Nearly 25 years later, during the years 2008 and 2009, 100 million meals have been distributed by the Association. Today, the most serious nutritional deficiencies are almost a thing of the past, but poverty has taken a different face: including unemployment, unsecured contracts and minimum wages, to say nothing of the youth (under 25 years) who do not have the necesssary education for gainful employment.

In France, 7.9 million people live on less than 880 euros per month. Beyond Food Aid, “Les Restos Du Coeur” have quickly expanded their assistance to the impoverished of our society, assisting in their accommodation and hopefully more secure emplyment.

Source of resources

The bulk of resources comes from donations and bequests (40% in 2007/2008).

Reduced overhead costs

“Les Restos Du Coeur” are very keen to make best use of these public and private funds: overheads are kept to an absolute minimum (less than 9%). Consequently, over 90% of resources are devoted to the work of the association.

The activity of the association operates only in France. To attempt to broaden this work beyond the borders of France would require much heavier management structures and therefore more expensive leaving less for the real work.

The Bishops Seaonal Appeal

Twice a year the Bishop selects a charity project that he asks the diocesan congregations to support. Click here for the current appeal.

Church support

The church in the Gard is a charitable organisation whose chaplain and officers offer their services in a voluntary capacity. As funds are unavailable from the Diocese we rely upon our members and other donors to finance the running costs of the church.