Cancer Support

Cancer Support France – Languedoc

Dear Friend

I would like personally to introduce you to Cancer Support France (Languedoc). CSF is an organisation set up 12 years ago and now covering much of France.  Our aim is very simple, to support those in need because they have been touched by cancer, either directly or through a loved one.   Those people are English speakers who live in France and who very often find the terrible shock of a diagnosis made harder to handle and bear in a foreign and unfamiliar system and often away from their family.

It is a sad fact that 30% of us will have our lives turned upside down by cancer, rather more for the over 60 s who comprise a large part of the English speaking community in France. There is, therefore, a very significant need for support.   CSF trains and coordinates people called Active Listeners; their role is to make contact with those in need and primarily listen to the ‘client,’ and help them through the many issues and worries they will be confronting.   These inevitably become practical and within the team we help clients with access to information and assistance and, when needed, translation with their medical and care professionals. There are parallels with the Macmillan care organisation but with the added dimensions of an unfamiliar country and system.

If you would like to know more, you can leave a message on our helpline 04 66 81 18 58 which we will respond to within 24 hours.