Baptisms, Confirmations, Weddings and Funerals

Baptisms, Weddings and funerals can all be undertaken by the Anglican church in the Gard. Contact the Chaplain or the churchwardens to make the arrangements.

Baptisms & Confirmations

Baptisms can be held either in the main monthly service or privately if the circumstances require it.

Confirmations are taken by a Bishop and have to fit in with his schedule. If there is sufficient demand they can take place locally or else with other candidates in the region. Preparations are essential and geared to the individual depending on their understanding of the faith.


All religious weddings in France require that a civil ceremony takes place beforehand.

Although it is possible to have the civil ceremony in the Marie where either you or your parents are resident, it is often easier (especially if your French skills are limited) to get married in the UK or your country of residence first and then have your service in France at a later date. The service can take place in the local church or temple or in a venue of your choice. The priest or minister will require proof of your marriage before he/she conducts a religious service.
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French burial laws are strict, as you might expect. Without delay the death should be registered with the local Marie. A doctors or hospital “death certificate” will have been issued and assuming everything is straightforward, if you wish an English language service please contact the Chaplain as soon as possible.

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