August Newsletter 2017

St Michael’s Anglican Congregation in the Gard
Newsletter August 2017

Message from the Chaplain

Thought for the Month
Nowadays when we go back to the UK we often pass through people’s lives by staying overnight on our way to somewhere else.
This idea of passing through seems to be a proper perspective on my time here as your chaplain. I happen to be only the second chaplain here but in the years to come just one of many who will have passed through.
I like to think that the important aspect is how we all spend our time passing through this pilgrimage of life.
I like the poem by Ellen Bailey who wrote

“We can all be better Pilgrims, while passing through
If we help spread some kindness, and a little charity too.
When we meet someone in need, we should try to help.
Happiness comes from helping others, not just ourselves.

The history of our pilgrimage will be recorded somewhere
And those who journey after us will know we were there.
Let us leave them a well-worn path, that is clearly defined
Marked with acts of generosity, and lots of goodwill signs”

I trust this might be the legacy of my time passing through the lives of so many of you at St Michael’s.
May God’s presence continue to carry you on into the next phase of your life here in the Gard.


Chaplain’s Corner
I would love to see all at my final Eucharists as your chaplain on either August 6th 10.30 at Bagard or August 20th 4pm at Uzes. For the latter service in the Cathedral there will be a choir and our Catholic friends will be participating.

From September the legal responsibility for St Michael’s rests with the Churchwardens who will be liaising with the Bishop, Archdeacon and the Church Council to make decisions for the future direction of the Church. I am sure you will all give Eddy & John your support during the vacancy.

NOTE: Attached to this Newsletter is a poster telling people about our special final service for Stafford at Uzes on August 20. We hope that as many of you as possible will be able to attend the service, and that you will either print out a copy of the poster to let others know about it, or send it on to your English-speaking friends and neighbours.
St. Michael’s Services for 2017

1. Services at Bagard Temple
Services start at 10.30am except where indicated. The temple at Bagard is situated on the left hand side as you enter Bagard from Anduze on the D910.
Services will be held on the following dates:

August 6th Holy Communion
September 3rd Morning Prayer
October 1st Harvest Festival at Fleur de Thym
November 12th Remembrance Sunday Service
December 3rd Holy Communion
December 16th Carol Service – 5pm
2. Services at the Cathedral of St Théodorit, Uzes
Services will be held on the following dates – services start at 4 pm except where indicated and are usually in the Sacristy of the Cathedral in Uzes:

August 20th Choral Communion
September 17th Evening Prayer
October 15th Holy Communion
November 19th Holy Communion
3. Services at the Catholic Church in St Andre De Roquepertuis
Services start at 10.15am. St-Andre-de-Roquepertuis is located off the D 980, the Bagnols sur Ceze to Barjac road, and is about 3km from Goudargues. Our next service will be:
August 13th Holy Communion
For more information please call David Paton on 04 66 90 76 50.
For further information on any of the above services please visit the web site:
Prayer requests
We continue to pray for all those who are sick, suffering or in need.

Tea Towels
Have you bought one of our specially printed tea towels yet?
They show the three churches where we worship plus the Pont du Gard.
They come in 3 colours – Red, Blue and Green.
3 for 10 euros or 4 euros for a single towel.
They make excellent gifts for both family and visiting friends, and of course any profit goes to St Michael’s.

Many of you will know of BritsNîmes, some of you are already members, and some of you are past members.
BritsNîmes organises regular social and cultural activities. These are varied and designed to help people to get to know the area, make new friends and meet local people.
Why not join, or re-join if you are a past member?
For more information have a word with Rob Franklin, the President, or just send an email to or visit the website:

CSF Provence Gard (CSFPG)
For someone affected, cancer can turn their world upside down. Put on top of this living in a foreign country where there is the added challenge of trying to manage their illness in a language they may not be totally comfortable with.
Our trained Active Listeners offer vital emotional support, accompany clients to medical consultations to help with translations, and provide practical assistance during times of crisis.
CSFPG is growing and we always need more volunteers.
We are looking for people to train as “Active Listeners” but also anyone prepared to help with publicity, awareness, fundraising etc., or who would just like to support our work by joining the Association – please contact Tim Forster on 04 66 72 71 60 or email him at
We also offer “drop in” days on the first Monday of each month, although not in August. The next one will be on Monday 4th September at the home of Pippa and Tim Forster, 25 Chemin du Périguil, 30400 Mons. Tel 04 66 07 29 96
If you or someone you know needs our help you can call the 24 hour Helpline
04 66 81 18 58 or email

Further information
Please use the St Michael’s website to obtain more information on any of the activities in which St Michael’s is involved.
Our site is now the main way in which we will be staying in touch with you and friends of the Church

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